Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Heat

Words and photos by Greg

Summer is upon us in all its hot-dry-chapped-sunburned glory. In our valley, the heat pretty much shuts off daytime riding. Early morning is good. But I'll admit to having some trouble with the concept of morning and especially early morning as it relates to riding. Late evening seem more appropriate. Cloudy evenings are better yet.

This is the time of year when the mountains begin to call to us, tempting us upward toward green meadows strewn with flowers, to the shade of pine forests, to cool frothy streams, to the blur of white aspen trunks slipping past us on a narrow trail.

We will give in to those temptations. But for our semi-daily rides, we'll stay close, spinning out our miles on the dust and rock of the local trails as days slip toward twilight.


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  1. That last photo is really nice. Fitting for a poster, I'd say =)