Monday, June 13, 2011

Scene of the Grime

Words and Photos by Greg

Our river trip ended on a windy day that kept getting windier. That night the tent shook as we tried to sleep. By morning the distant scenery had faded away into a sky full of grimy dust.


With Grime:

We slunk upward onto the shoulder of the mountains, just below the fringes of snow that draped downward from the white, shining summits. With the wide vistas obscured, our eyes turned toward closer, more accessible scenery. I spent time lurking slowly through a small meadow observing the lives of small creatures and tiny spring flowers.

Beautiful smooth green snake. Unfortunately, squished in the dirt road.

The wind had blown in cooler weather, and we headed back toward drier country the next day. We discovered fossil snails formed in red agate.

A red-legged wasp briefly joined us in truck.

Red-tinged puffs cradled in dry juniper wood.

Red dog running. We returned to a scene where, a year-and-a-half ago, our then-new four-legged friend Sprocket had taken his very first mountain bike ride with us. Then, it was a revelation to see how fast he ran and how much he enjoyed it. We rode the track again. His speed and enthusiasm are no longer new to us. But it's nice to look back and to remember to appreciate his contribution to our little pack.


  1. Great pictures. I wish my flower pictures would come out half as well as yours.
    My favorite is the pink puffed flowers. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  2. Thanks for enjoying! I have to admit that I get lots of help from the flowers.