Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rising Green

Word by Greg
Photos by Greg and Trina

The pale green and the delicate flowering of spring are now gone from the desert valley where we live. But spring in the mountain west is not just a factor of time, but of elevation. Spring rises week by week up plateaus and mountains, painting away the vanishing snow with green.

Rumor has it that much of the high country is still locked away under snow. We made our escape from the desert heat to the middle elevations and found ourselves amid a bounty of blossoms and rolling waves of green. Temperatures were mild, sunshine was bright, breezes were cool. We rode on narrow trails, read books in the shade, and wandered among the flowers.

Circumstances like this suggest to me that the human tendency to be nomadic is something that should not be ignored. Despite lives that lean strongly toward stability, I think it best, when possible, to break away and follow, rising upward with the green.

The dogs became captivated by...

Prey! Large, pointy-hoofed prey. Which they were very disappointed we would not allow them to hunt.

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