Monday, April 21, 2014

High Season

photos by Greg and Trina
words by Greg

Not that we every really stop riding, hiking, or poking our noses into canyons and cliff edges, into the private business of plants and the secret world of rocks… Summer, Winter, Autumn… But if we were to pick just one season for our explorations, it might be Spring. The trails are tacky and beautiful from moist spring storms. And the flowers… Well, this year, so far, they seem to be just a little ridiculous. Mustard blossoms covering the hillsides. Flowering bushes bursting forth riotously. Paintbrush seeping out of the ground in brilliant red.

Add in the usual smooth-to-chunky trails, long evenings, wide vistas, golden light, desert camping… Go ahead. Add them in. And just try to come up with something more powerfully conflicting: Do we go long, hard, fast? Or do we stop to smell every flower?

More often, it's somewhere in between. We may even find a balance between driving hard for more, more, more… and delving deeply into each small experience. But balance -- in this season of wild, lush, rowdy, invigorating imbalance -- is likely to remain elusive. Which is just fine by us.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Photos by Greg and Trina

Spring is springing here in our local desert, while we ride or just stroll and soak up the sunshine and flowers.

One Fine Day on the River

by Greg

Deep canyon. Hiked in. Floated down. No whitewater photos because we never stopped. Pushed by a tailwind for most of the way. An entirely pleasant fashion in which to spend an early spring day.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Moon

by Greg

Sandstone desert. Late night. Bright moon. The boldest and most familiar stars shine dimly in a moon-bright sky. Then a bite vanishes from edge of the glowing disk and the moon begins to disappear. Darkness slowly spreads across the face. But not quite darkness. A glow of red pushes into the dark side of the moon as the shining brightness narrows and slivers and finally vanishes. Now the whole moon is red. Dim. Unquestionably spherical. The night sky has darkened and stars shine. A dead juniper tree reaches upward from sandstone cliffs. Toward an unfamiliar planet floating in a now mysterious sky.