Wednesday, November 26, 2014

FEB: Water Stops

Words by Greg
Photos by Greg and Trina

Arizona is known for its heat. For its dryness. For its prickly plants, sand, dust and generally rugged desert landscape. And for good reason, as much of the state is just that. Back in February, we found heat (compared to our frosty homeland…) and we found dryness. We found prickly plants, sand, dust… But we also found water.

We may even have sought out water, as we poked our way into the secret corners of many of southern Arizona's mountain ranges. Looking, always for the rare moisture that provides for life in the otherwise dry land.

We found small rushing streams. We found bare trickles. We found green tanks. We found stale puddles. And always, nearby, we found vibrant signs of the otherwise secret lives that rely on this desert water. Flowers, insects, birds, furry creatures. Or sometimes merely indications that these lives had been lived or were being lived somewhere close by. Footprints, seeds, exoskeletons, or a feather.

We left our own footprints. Took with us our memories and photographs. And went back to our more civilized lives. Knowing, and happy to know, that those near-secret lives remain out there. Drawn, like us. To water.

Monday, November 17, 2014

FEB: Bisbee, AZ

Photos by Trina and Greg

More from our winter escape last February.

We rumbled southward. Deep into southern Arizona. Aiming for places we hadn't seen. Looking for the warm edge of spring. And finding it. In the tumbled town of Bisbee. Where decay played closely with the ongoing life of this odd little mining town. We skipped the designated tourist spots and wandered the steep streets and steeper sidewalks. Eyes on accidental aesthetics of peeling paint and rusting iron. Peering shyly into the places where people make their homes. Or once did. Surprised by the variety. Mix of old and new. And by the coded communication implied by both confident and crass graffiti.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cliffs By Any Other Name

Photos by Greg and Trina

Autumn. Cool weather. Cold weather coming. Sure, winter has its charms. And we enjoy them for what they are. But we also enjoy our annual winter escape from the local chill. Last February it was yet another trip southward, which we haven't posted about yet. The winter was warm enough and dry enough in that direction that we were able to explore places from which we'd normally be inclined to flee. Higher elevations, normally much cooler, were warm and comfortable.

First stop was in southern Utah where we explored a region of mighty cliffs, narrow canyons, Suessian rock formations, giant condors, and the lingering remnants of previous inhabitants. We'll hope the photos tell an interesting tale.