Friday, June 10, 2011

Labyrinth: Float Photos, part 1

Words by Greg
Photos by Greg

Our six day trip down the river took us eight days. And not because we had any trouble. Just that it was so relaxing and fun and because we stopped to explore all along the way. And because we had plenty of food. (And fuel!)

The river cut deeper and deeper into the canyon. The rock walls rose higher and higher. In the river we only paddled enough to keep from bouncing off the sides. There were side canyons to explore. We hiked up some. Others, we paddled into the calm waters that flooded them, feeling like jungle explorers as the channels narrowed and the trees and bushes crowded over us.

We found interesting rocks. Saw interesting creatures. Scanned the scenery with eyes and binoculars. Listened to the hidden birds that filled the wooded riverside with warble and song. Swam in a warm pool. Saw few other people. Sprawled in the sand with books.

Afternoon rainstorms chilled us. Sun bronzed us. Wind pushed us around. Quiet lulled us. The smell of wet muck bit into our noses. Ravens called out names we did not recognize.

After a few days, Sprocket relaxed and was no longer anxious to swim between our boats to make sure we were both fine. Though he still preferred it if we floated lazily with our boats locked together side-by-side. Which we didn't mind, since it made it easier to share snacks and eat lunch and to chat and nap.

We did happily diddle-dawdle the long days away. The photos probably tell the story best. Enjoy.


  1. Loved the scenery and especially the reflection pics. Thanks for sharing your love of your environment. It's the only way I can enjoy it now since I'm stuck in Florida. vic

  2. Great photos! The trip looks like it was so much fun and relaxing at the same time. What an amazing campsite. Very jealous.