Monday, June 6, 2011

Floral Overflow

by Greg

Rivers are flowing high and filling their banks to the brim. Which made it seem like a good time to slip away from home for a few days to explore one wide streamer of water where it writhed through the desert canyon country. It was (nearly) the world's least X-treme adventure (more on that soon...) The real hard-core adventure happened upon our return, when we found a JUNGLE where we'd left the garden.

We waded in with our machetes, hacking down all weeds from where they were trying to choke the life out of our vegetables. Beneath the mayhem, the veggies were doing fine. Not much to eat out there right now, though we did find some radishes and there are plenty of green onions.

Meanwhile, the rivers aren't the only thing running high and flowing over, Trina's flowers had gone happily wild as well. Waves of bright columbines, soapworts, irises, roses and other luscious blossoms were spilling over every border, pot and wall. Often when it's a jungle out there, it's a good thing.

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