Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wild Blossom!

It's cool that there are crocuses in the gardens and a few daffodils around town. I love seeing them and knowing that they mean Spring. Still, I somehow discount them slightly in preference to the first Wild blossoms of spring.

This evening we were back on the local trails, including a first spring ride of one of our favorites that hasn't been dry enough to ride since it was frozen enough to ride. There in the pale dirt, a scrappy little bundle of yellow on a bed of green. First wild blossoms I've seen in the neighborhood this season!
From 2010 Spring

Not a seemingly noble or showy flower. But still! I'll take it and run with the sense of promise it brings.

And we had a great ride as evening spilled into twilight.

From 2010 Spring

From 2010 Spring

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