Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poked in the Eye by the Sharp Edge of Spring

The local trails were drying out and improving daily. Up until Sunday, when it snowed and rained and rained. It's been raining some since, and expected to even more through tomorrow. While Trina is out working in it, I want to ride. However...

Current trail conditions: Smush.

Or so I'd guess, judging by the mud in my dirt-driveway-o-meter. When the going gets tough (and muddy) the tough (besides whimpering) go road riding. Which ain't so bad.

My "road" bike is a cobbled together piece of work that started with an old-but-nice frame my dad threw my way. As many cast-off parts as possible, semi-knobby cross tires. Perfect for pavement when there's no need to keep up with anyone.

The ride took me through the bare-branch orchards and vineyards of the valley where there are few signs of spring other than the snow being nearly gone. And since it's not "really" spring, how long will that last? Storms and sunshine chased around the valley. I somehow managed to dodge the rain and hail.

I prefer the challenge of trail riding, where I have to fully engage with bike, dirt, obstacles. But I still find satisfaction in spinning down the road. Not sure if it's from the reeling in of miles, or if it's the unreeling of my thoughts.
From 2010 Spring

From 2010 Spring

From 2010 Spring

Zeek is on injured reserve. PRTs are bred to be tough, which is all good, I guess. Still it wouldn't seem to make sense to mix it up with three dogs bigger than oneself. But that's what Zeek did last week. He ended up with stitches in his left leg. Nothing but skin was damaged, so that's good.

For Zeek, the worst is that he has to wear the Cone Of Shame. For us, it's that we feel like bad owners for not understanding him enough to keep him out of trouble. We're working on that. And it may be a big project.

Trina: While I called upon the powers of Isis when I was little, standing out in the yard, arms raised to the heavens chanting, "Ice, Ice, Ice..." (Does anyone else remember her???) I'm now trying to invoke the powers and abilities of the Dog Whisperer: "Cesar, Cesar, Cesar..."

Don't click this first pic bigger if you're squeamish:
From 2010 Spring

From 2010 Spring

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