Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Light Shift

Through the clever use of clocks, most of us in the country have made it appear as if the light of evening has shifted. Suddenly there is daylight for an hour later into the evening. Add to this the seasonal lengthening of the days and this is a good thing for those of us who put up with, but do not fully embrace the period of the day referred to as "morning".

Now there is time for a longer after-work ride for those of us who are working day jobs. Which includes Trina. And suddenly, again, me. Evening ride time: one of the good reasons to live where we live. Because we don't just have time, we have a place to ride.

The trails are close and mighty fine. I can ride out of town and hit trails within short minutes. Trina usually "has" to take the truck with the dogs in it. (We're working on that...) But the dirt has been mud since a rainy-wet Sunday. We waited and then got out there last evening.

Very dry and fun except for some splashy wash-crossings and one dang hidden muddy blorp-spot. Trina forgot her bike shoes and rode in clogs, thinking maybe she'd start a new trend.

Two of us and two little dogs. Zeek the PRT is back in action as his stitches came out today. We've been ramping him back into action anyway, and last night he did just fine with stitches.

We wove through the happily familiar web of local trails as the sun set. Met people we knew along the way. The sky shifted from powder blue to deeper hues as the evening light lazily shifted away toward night. Spinning our legs and stretching our smiles. The small dogs, too, wearing very large dog-smiles as they ran along with us.

Great way to spend an evening.


Zeek getting his bandage wet.
From 2010 Spring

Golden shift of light in the back yard.
From 2010 Spring

Wet Sunday garden.
From 2010 Spring

Riding the evening sky.
From 2010 Spring

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