Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Benefits of Small Dogs

I've always been a dog person, specifically a BIG dog person. I was, after all, raised by a big lanky black lab. I love the DOG-ness of big dogs, especially labs - their galoutishness, their plain, simple sweet demeanor, their oafish, goofy joy and love of play. I love DOG-dogs, not yappy little cutesy granny dogs. Not rodents with collars and leashes. That said, as my big dogs are passing on, I seem to be somewhat accidentally making the switch to small dogs - albeit small dogs who are actually big dogs in small dog bodies - rough and tough and athletic, fast, not delicate, always ready for adventure and loooong bike rides.

Zeek was a rescue who I took in while both BJ and Bella were still alive; Sprocket, also a rescue, turned up mere days after BJ died. Bella is now on her last legs and will be the last of the big dogs in my life, at least for the foreseeable future or until the next (big) rescue dog crosses my path... As I make the transition, I'm realizing there are some benefits to having smaller dogs in my life, among them the fact that small dog equals small poop. These shots illustrate one of the other conveniences of small dogs:

From dirt & dogs

From dirt & dogs

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