Monday, July 16, 2012

Drive of the Dirty Dogs

by Greg and Trina

There are days when we think we're too busy to go outside and play. There are days when we think we might just putter in the house and garden instead of leaving the gate for the outer world. There are days when we would rather just take a nap. But then there are dogs. Dogs will jump up and down by the door where the leashes are. Dogs will look with bright eyes toward the truck and wag and whine. Dogs will gently gnaw on forearms and insistently drag a person toward the bikes. Most persuasive of all, dogs will stand almost underfoot, follow us around the house and look up at us with sad, sad puppy dog eyes, pleading to be taken out for a sunset town-bike-run, for a squelchy romp along the river, for a drive to mountain meadows where dogs can run wild, for a float down the river on colorful boats, for dusty trails.

We oblige them, of course. Or risk having our ears pierced by sharp barks, our arms gnawed off, our hearts broken by sad, sad puppy dog eyes. Here's a pile of shots from the past month or so, both B.C. (Before Crash) and A.D.(After Damage) that show some of the distraction to which our dogs (happily) drive us.

Bear tracks and dog tracks! Yikes!

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  1. Yes, my dog gets me outside too. Thank goodness for our dogs! Great photos.