Monday, September 3, 2012

High Summer Scamper

Words by Greg
Photos by Trina and Greg

If one were to judge by our recent blog posts, it may seem as if August leapt past us and got away. In truth, it did not. Posting about it slipped past us, but the month did not get away from us. In fact, we had time to scamper around the state in search of fun and excitement.

Fun and excitement for us seems to revolve around finding new places to explore, with an emphasis on both wild and lonely places, and on places where the veneer of progress has been replaced with a patina of decay. We did find such places.

Secret canyons. Monsoon showers. Towns turning to dust. Starry nights. Wild food. Bear tracks. Hidden meadows. Dirt. And dogs. Enjoy.


  1. Scamper and search, fun and excitement - indeed.

    The photo of the yellow sunflowers, blue sky, sand, and red dancing with shoes in hand to me says Joy!


  2. Fantastic shots ... well done !!! ... and beautiful place for cycling.

    Regards from Spain.