Sunday, July 8, 2012


Words by Greg
Photos by Greg and Trina

Perhaps there has been some wonder, by our small but loyal group of followers, as to what the heck we have been up to this past month. Where are the new garden photos? What exotic trails have we ridden? Which flowers are blooming?

It's not that our lives have suddenly become devoid of all adventure. It's that the form of the adventure has taken a slightly different turn.

The day after our culinary adventure of bugs-as-food, we found ourselves enjoying a lovely mountain trail. We rode along a burbling creek on narrow trails through small, dark oak trees. The day was bright. The air was cool. Bulls lingered in our path. Abandoned cars were ridden over. We were smiling, happy… giddy, even.

Then, WHACK! The fun stopped suddenly. I clipped a pedal on some roots and took an unexpected right turn which happened to coincide with a place where the trail took a left turn. I hit a tree. My bike hit me. Something inside me went POP and when I stood up to dust myself off, my right arm wouldn't work properly.

In this dramatic reenactment of the event you can see everything as it actually happened. Except I didn't hit my face, wasn't wearing a sling at the time, and that the actual event happened on a trail in the forest instead of along the edge of the street in our neighborhood.

One detail to note, though, is the saddle of my bicycle. In this photo I am hanging onto the saddle tip with my left hand to illustrate what I believe occurred. Because I didn't break my collar bone on the tree. Nor separate my shoulder on impact. Nor dislocate the joint. What I did was break my shoulder blade. And the only way I can imagine that happened, was that while I was busily squashing up against the tree (in order to slow down to a safer speed) the point of my saddle whacked me in the back and snapped the bone.

And so I've been trying (and failing) to do as much nothing as possible. Coupled with spending twice as long to do simple daily activities like eating and bathing and typing. I can sort of hold a camera to my face. And I can stroll. So we haven't been completely idle. But this event has definitely made for changes in our summer plans. So… On to new summer plans! And thanks for checking in.


  1. sorry to hear that. Get well soon!

  2. damn, heal up man! We need you out there~ m

  3. Bummer about the fall. Thought maybe your absence might be due to forest fires out west. Love following your adventures - hope you're back in the saddle soon!

  4. That's the most random injury I've ever heard of. Get better man!