Friday, December 30, 2011

Rock Shots

Photos by Greg

There's not much to say that isn't more than fully explained by the photos themselves. A beautiful warm winter's day spent riding rock in the Moab desert with Mike. Snow and cold in the canyon and the shadows, but clear and amazing on top.

For the view from Mike's side of the camera, take a look here.


  1. As usual, the pictures are amazing!!!

  2. I second Lindsay. Especially the second photo is fantastic.

  3. Trying to place these pics? What trail where they taken on?

  4. looks like some are Amasa, but some I just can't figure out - And I live in Moab!

  5. I was thinking Amasa Back and maybe Gold Bar Rim? Please do share where these photos were taken, unless its some super-secret locals-only stuff, I'll understand.

    Also, what kind of cameras are you shooting with? I love the the first shot, low angle with the motion blur. Did you have some sort of camera stabilizing devise or just a long straight-away where you could take a lot of shots until one of them turned out right?

  6. Nothing so secret about this ride. Amasa Back out of Moab. The challenge I habitually set for myself, often with coconspirator Mike C's help, is to try to find a new way to see "old" places. Thus, it gratifies me to hear that locals can't place them.

    And we're assisted by a degree of latitude to the "trail" as allowed by slickrock... Oh, and by stunning winter light!

    My camera, on the other hand, is completely and totally secret. Because if just anyone could rush out and buy their way into whatever quality they see in my photos... Esh! I'd be out of a(n unpaid) job as a blogger! Wouldn't I? I will say that my current camera rhymes with Schcanon Schrebel.