Saturday, January 7, 2012


Words and photos by Greg

As we slid into a new year the weather seemed to have lurched forward into summer. Or something very like it. At least during the middle of the day. Friends rode the rock again under bright skies. Pedals turned. Tires gripped. Silence loomed near gaping cliffs. Texture leapt into focus and cameras clicked.

Time stretched back to a distant past when shallow oceans left layers of sand and mud. To when desert winds blew heaped dunes across dry plains. To pressures that solidified soil into stone. To rains that fell and rivers that wandered flat places then cut deeply into rock. Stone turned into sand again and taken away by water. Water taking sand and leaving canyons. Leaving domes, towers, heaps and walls. Time revealing again the now solid sweep of blowing sand, the rigid riffle of flowing water.

A sunny June day in early January. Friends. Bikes. One single day in a long, long timeline. In a landscape so fascinating it is almost unbelievable.


  1. I'm gonna be honest, I think I'd like some color in a lot of these.


  2. Ed, I'm gonna be honest, I think you're gonna be floored by the color in some of these.

    And I don't necessarily mean that in a good way!

    Compositions and textures were/are brilliant, Greg. Your eye has matured even if your self has not.

    And yes, those were both compliments.


  3. Wow! Incredible work Greg. I could stare at these all day long. These are way better than silly bike magazine photos. Much much better.

    Paul G