Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Riding with Sticks

Q: Why is that man with the sticks on his back riding his bike through the desert?

A: Because the sun is out and it's pleasantly warm. Because it's late November and the trails are dry. Because mountain biking is fun when trails are rough and demanding.

Q: No, I mean, why does he have those sticks on his back?

A: Um… I have no idea.

Greg: It was because an entertaining length of engaging singletrack happens to end at the bottom of a hill where there's a long un-entertaining and non-engaging climb out on a slightly rough road.

Mike and I "just happened" to have our packs full of rafts and our paddles strapped on behind. So instead of riding the long way back up to where we would ride back down toward home, we took a short ride on down to the river and floated our way back to town. Not a bad way to squander the final drachma of what has been a rich November.

However, this afternoon trip may have been -- really this time -- the last of its kind for the season. In the week that's followed (these little adventures have been piling up behind these posts…) the temps have been dropping, until this morning's slipped into the single digits F. My route today took me along the river, and from within the warm embrace of my motor-cubicle, I could see lots of slushy ice clumping on top of the water.

Which could - could - mean that I'm done rafting until spring. Riding? That will probably continue anyway. But floating… I'll take this opportunity to start looking forward to next season.

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