Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Buttoning Up

Words by Greg
Photos by Greg and Trina

We've had our first frosts of the season. Late flowers are freezing and wise plants have already made seeds. We've been pulling out the last of the vegetables and storing them away. While some, too far gone, are left to decay and rot, to feed insects and worms and millipedes, to return to the dirt. We'll take the vines down and cover the soil with mulch as we button up the garden for winter.

The kitchen door is closed now. Inside we keep warm with food we've grown, food from local farms, food from far away. Out the window there is snow on the high fringes of the valley. Soon it will creep downward, and the garden will be waiting, hidden beneath the frozen blanket.

Carrots with character.

Doing the hula?


  1. Butter-to-greens ratio seems to be a bit skewed*.

    The ornately decaying door brings back memories of catholic confessionals.

    'Forgive me father for I have sinned' and all that.


    *Not nearly enough butter. Or bacon.

  2. the end of the season, pies and tarts and tomatos and sage butter - wonderful