Saturday, October 29, 2011

In The Air

Words by Greg
Photos by Greg and NASA

There's change in the air. Days are getting shorter and cooler. Snow walloped the other side of the state. Our internal clocks have begun to prepare us for winter hibernation. But so far in our neighborhood, it's been nothing but beautiful, colorful, warm and inviting.

We've accepted the invitation and have been out partaking in the rocky local trails, riding with friends who not only sense the change in the air, but get right up there and fly through it. Dirt and dogs. Rocks and socks. Warm honey light. And no better time to enjoy it.

Satellite photo from last week:

This week:(We're in one of those nice, dry, brown areas on the west side...)

For some reason it helps Trina if she holds her head on whenever her brother Derrell rides stunts.


  1. what a great post. Again! Don't know which I find more inspiring- the skills on the bikes, or behind the lens, or the general fun of it all~ mike

  2. Awesome pics, awesome stoke, awesome doggies. I love your blog. Love. It. Brappp!

  3. Just looking at these pics makes my heart race. You must have wings on those bikes. The sites are amazing. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog, your pictures, your daring. Oh to be young again.

  4. Once again I am floored by the images you present. Thank you.

  5. You've got awesome skills! WOW! And the pics are great. Can you tell me what camera did you use? I wish in Poland have this kind of rocks!