Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Opportunities, Golden and Otherwise

by Greg

In the broad sense, the mountain biking season is over. It's chilly and it gets dark early. It can be moist. Snow and ice can clog the trail.

But in reality, it's still been great riding. Our sleeves may get longer and our rides shorter, but we're still out there, riding through cloudy days and golden evenings. Riding and getting caught by rain showers or melting snow, then getting caught by the pernicious local mud that's both slippery to ride through and stickily clings to bikes and shoes like octopus cement.

While most riders seem to have turned their thoughts to other winter activities, our thoughts remain open to the opportunities of great trails, good light, and fine weather (with a chance of mud). We're still out there riding the empty trails, drinking in the scenery, and spinning out the happy miles. Miles that satisfy something inside us in a way that being inside just doesn't.

Or course, after riding we're happy to go home and eat something. Like one of Trina's nut tarts. Chunky, chewy and delicious isn't just for trails.


  1. "satisfy something inside us in a way that being inside just doesn't" - truly and thanks for the stories

  2. For some reason I now feel better about winter being right around the corner