Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pedal Broke Stoke

by Greg

The story of the day doesn't show in the photos, which are all of Trina and the dogs. Instead, the story is of my left pedal. The one that broke on the ride today. And it didn't break in the middle of the ride or anything, but right at the beginning. I climbed on my bike before we left town and it worked, but when we unloaded bikes at the trailhead and I climbed on, I couldn't click in. Broken spring, no interface between my fancy shoe and the pedal.

No reason to abort a ride for something so trivial, right? Especially when we were all there, ready to go, right? And what's the big deal about those dumb click-into-your-pedal-binding things, right? So I got to ride with one flat pedal today.

But my "flat" pedal was small and slippery, and my shoe was hard and slippery, and there was snow and a little mud. So I spend most of the ride pedaling gingerly and trying to make sure the rocky trails didn't dislodge that foot from the pedal and send me unbalanced and tumbling off the trail into a heap.

It's the kind of thing that could irritate a guy and ruin a ride. But it didn't. The sun was bright, the day was warm, and Trina and the dogs were there with me. So we rode (and pushed a little) and I had a great time. Did I go as fast or maneuver as brilliantly as usual?

No. But it didn't matter. It was great to be out there.

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