Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hope and Warmth

Hope and Warmth by Greg

As lovely as photos of snow, ice and frost can be, and as essential as Living In The Moments can be to one's perception of happiness... It still strikes me that most of us reading this are living in the Northern Hemisphere and can easily see snow, ice and frost by looking outside. Or even, if we dare, to go outside -- which, given the current spate of low temperatures, requires that almost all of our sensory receptors be swaddled in stifling layers of wool, down, and polypropylene.

With that in mind, I present a diversion.

First, a ray of Hope: It's practically the middle January, which means that in (practically) half a month it will be February, and then it's just one (short!) month until March. If you're following my math here, you will realize that there is need for neither wailing nor lamentation about the cold, the dark, or the length and dread of Winter. For Spring -- with its verdant breezes, abundant daylight, and promised blossoms -- is practically, nearly, increasingly, almost here!

Soon our senses will be unswaddled and we will be soaking up the delights of that gentler season. And to remind us (since we will likely need reminding during the intermediary arctic trend) I have resurrected several photos from last year that clearly show riders in shorts and short sleeves on bare-of-snow trails in March -- early March even!

With that Hope laid out before us, I offer further consolation via a few photos of warmers places. If the hope of Spring's warmth still seems a bit too distant, perhaps we can sit a little closer to our screens, kick off our flip-flops, lay back in the warm sand, and indulge in the heat of our tropical imaginations.

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  1. South AZ is warm...we'll be back there next week...want to come play???