Sunday, January 16, 2011


Photos: Trina and Greg
Words: Greg

The deep cold turned warmer this weekend. So we went riding. Warm enough to allow some bare skin. We didn't get started very early, but early enough to get in a ride before the trails got soft. As it was, the trails were half dirt, half snow, and all fun.

There weren't many folks out there. Most of them we came across were having fun barreling through the snow. We were having fun barreling through the snow. But a few of them seemed to be having a "serious" problem. Which is hard for us to understand, since we love biking but don't take it very seriously.

The sky was thick and white with haze that made distant cliffs and mesas seem more distant than they are, and made the whole world seem like a huge and wild place to be riding.

Trina and I took turns taking photos of each other. The dogs took turns racing back and forth, up and down, in and out. The sun burned from bright to mellow as waves of gauzy clouds passed overhead.

Cows were ambling around eating the fresh green grass. Except there wasn't any fresh green grass. Maybe they were eating snow and fading away.

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