Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Return

About this broken wrist thing I've been yammering on and on about since August...

It was pretty easy to say when the episode began. (SNAP) But it will be more difficult to describe when it ends. There was a long-arm cast, then a short arm cast. Then, starting about a week ago there was no cast. But there is a high-tech wrist brace when I need it.

There were one-armed rides on pavement, then mild 1.5-armed rides, then rides on dirt, then rides on easy trails -- all on a bike adapted to help make up for my limited abilities.

But just the other evening, there was a ride that seemed to herald my Return to the realm of actual mountain biking. I was able to ride my actual mountain bike on easy to medium-ish trails. But more importantly, I was out riding with Trina and the dogs on a lovely evening in an enticing setting. And I took some photos.

Mountain bike, trails, Trina, dogs, photos. Having all these come together again felt great and felt like I was BACK!

I'm nothing like completely healed, and I'm not going to return to more challenging trails just yet. But it's great to be out there!

Here are some photos to prove it, though they're all of Trina, but taken by me while being out there, so they still prove it.

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  1. Great to 'see' you back on the bike, and on real trails. Awesome photos throughout.