Sunday, August 29, 2010

Harvest Textures

Story: Trina
Photos: Trina and Greg

The Marina di Chioggia saga is drawing to a close -- nearer, anyway. (Part 1 here; part 2 here.) We cut all two of them loose and while they are curing, awaiting their fate as autumn or winter feasts, I've been enjoying their lumpy, bumpy, gnarly texture. I don't believe I've ever grown anything quite so ugly!

We grew our melons and squash on vertical trellises this year, tying them to the trellis in mesh bags and panty hose to support the weight of the fruits as they grew and ripened. Without support, when they're ripe they'll just fall right off the vine and plop to the ground, breaking open and inviting in bugs and subsequent rot.

We missed a couple of precious Collective Farmwoman melons, and by the time our noses led us to them, they were hollow, rotting husks full of flies, worms and frass.

Green nutmeg melon -- an enchanting name, and the flavor is positively mediocre!

Even something as ordinary as a raisin is better when it's homemade. This is an Italian cornmeal cookie made with pine nuts and our own raisins, dried from the table grapes that ornament my courtyard wall. Yum!

The first of the speckled cranberry beans:

Still life with ants and lettuce:

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