Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flash Flood Part II, III, IV, V...!

Summer monsoon weather is normal in mid August in Western Colorado. Cooler wetter weather pumps into the state triggering thunder showers and bringing relief from the heat. This year's monsoon seems longer and cooler and wetter.

A couple days ago, instead of seeing a storm's results amid desert sandstone and slickrock, we were in town amid pavement and houses. The afternoon storm was downright wild! Flash-crack thunder got closer and closer. Wind and a heavy downpour seemed to arrive at the same time, thrashing through the garden, slinging sunflower plants around. Small hail fell briefly, knocking holes in the leaves of our vegetables.

Within minutes the gutter was full, then overflowing, then the sidewalk was running a swift stream. Streets were full of water. Young birds were washed from the trees and left shivering on lawns.

The sidewalk is under there.

Within a few more minutes, the storm had passed, the sun was shining, the pavement was draining and the birds were drying out and chirping. The garden was in some disarray, but overall was fine.

Before things returned to normal, though, another storm rolled through and hit us again. Then another. Then another. Each one preceded by a blink of calm sunshine. Each a little less wild than the one before. Each one sending a flash of flood through the city.


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