Friday, April 27, 2018

Identifying the Victims

                                                                             ^ sphinx moth

by Trina

It's been nearly impossible so far to identify what our owls are eating. We know from last year's observations that they eat a lot of cockroaches, sphinx moths and sparrows. I thought the camera would allow good looks at everything Boyle brings in, but alas, it does not. Also, infrared lighting doesn't show color, so even when we can see that Boyle is delivering, say, a dead bird, there aren't any color clues to help identify which species it might be. But as of today, we have a couple of videos that afford decent enough looks at two dead birds that we can at least guess at their identities. This (daytime/color) video shows a bird in the upper right corner with either a yellow throat or head, and some bright white markings on its wing. My guesses are goldfinch or warbler:

...and an unidentifiable grey bird in the lower right corner which I'm guessing is the bird delivered earlier in the morning, which may be a sparrow:

If you know birds better than we do and can identify these, we'd love to hear who you think our owls are eating!

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