Thursday, April 26, 2018

Five Fuzzy Lumplets

by Trina

As of 6:30pm today, all five eggs have hatched! At this point, 4 of the owlets are 2 days old, and the fifth is merely a few hours old. Last year there was one owlet that fledged a day later than its siblings, and was clearly fuzzier, smaller and younger. I'm guessing we're set up for that scenario again, if #5 survives.

Here, DH sits in the hole for a bit, leaves at 2:17, and then you have a minute to enjoy five squirming fuzzy lumplets:

Here, Boyle makes a delivery, DH eats and talks to her babies:

Here, DH sits in the hole for a bit and calls to Boyle. He brings her a morsel which she eats and then she talks to the owlets:

This is a particularly beautiful daylight preening session from the 21st:

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