Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Gardening

Photos by Trina and Greg
Words by Greg

Though it's winter, the garden remains. Now in memories. Now in jars. Now on the windowsill where herbs still spice our meals. Carrots, beets and tomatoes have come in from the cold and, perhaps incongruously, are now chilled or frozen and ready to serve up as winter fare.

Despite the cold and snow, some color persists outside, where hardy kale and broccoli raab hang on, under snow, or against a sunny wall. Most color is inside, where basil still blooms and where bulbs bring life and color and scent to winter days.

After last year's winter that never got very wintery, we do seem to be having an actual snowy winter this year. It's nice to have the variety of seasons. And it's nice to have the memories of our summer garden to serve up on a chilly, dark night.

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