Monday, December 24, 2012

Welcome to Winter

Words by Greg
Photos by Trina and Greg

We've slipped over the edge of the astronomical season into Winter. Shortest day of the year. Longest night. Plus snow on the ground and frigid temperatures that make it seem like winter, astronomical or not.

Thus, another excellent excuse to be outside. New season. New explorations. And, as usual, we don't have to go far to find things we haven't seen before. Or to see something we've seen before in a new way.

Some days the hard part is getting started, breaking away from the warm house, bundling up and heading out. Luckily we have these two little furry beasts who insist on being taken somewhere every day. And who always appreciate it when we do. And who, I think, help us appreciate it, too.

Happy winter to everyone, and don't forget to spend some of those long nights inside with friends, food and cheer.

A small mystery here. Trina thought it might be feathery seed puffs in the water. But there were no fibers and it broke apart upon touching it. Perhaps dust or pollen frozen into ice, then released?


  1. Merry Christmas Greg and Trina! looking forward to riding along on your adventures in 2013! m

  2. Ah, winter indeed! That pollen/dust mystery photo, that's pretty fantastic. What is it? No idea.

  3. Thanks for the comments, folks. I'm pretty slackerational when it comes to replying to them, but I really do appreciate your interest and kind words. Thanks! -- Greg