Monday, December 20, 2010

Running in the Parp* with Dogs

by Greg

Our dogs are serious working dogs and have important work to do. The other day, their important job was to play chase and keep-away with the flying disc in the parp.


  1. Hopefully, they asked in a coherent, non-sedated way to go to the parp. It doesn't matter, it does look like they could run across the parp over and over. Hope they got to go to a party too!

    P.S. - "Chase / Keep Away / Tackle You Are It" is one of the favorite games around here, too.

  2. TTH- I take it you appreciated the parp post over at Hyperbole as much as we did. The park will never again be just the park. That seems to be our favorite post of hers, and I wonder if that might be because it was our first sampling of her humor...? Thanks for reading and commenting!