Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The First Ride of Winter - and more

Text: Greg
Photos: Trina and Greg

I guess we can dispense with all that "before winter" hoopla now, as it is officially and astronomically Winter. Yes, the shortest day of the year is here, and now the days will be getting longer and longer, swooping us ever closer to Spring, which is practically here already! Well, except for the intervening two or three months of icy cold we still have ahead of us.

The winter storms hit our valley this week, stealing the sunshine and bringing thick clouds which dropped moisture upon us. None of which has thus far lived up to anything that strikes us as "wintry". No, it has not been very sunny this week. We got one light dusting of snow. But most of the moisture that has fallen has been nice, gentle rain. And not much of that. Relatively warm temperatures, even at night. Breezes that have blown the surface of the earth dry again.

All of which have conspired to allow me to present: The First Ride of Winter.

Sprocket and I rode out of town and hit the trails. The moisture had added some tack-o-grip to the soil, which made cornering fun and fast. We met a good friend out there, which subsequently made some of the cornering even more fun and fast. To the point that, according to the friend, Sprocket ended up using his entire 9" of travel as he ran along behind me through the dips.

But winter isn't just about riding. Or...? Er, no. It's also that time of year when we eat a lot of crap. With that seasonal spirit in mind, we made some cookies, er, well, Zeek and Sprocket helped us make some interesting cookies. We took them to a cookie party where they met with some degree of skepticism.

Winter is also about, so far, cooking, baking, and wandering around outside enjoying the aesthetics of dry, dead stuff.


  1. nice Bokeh on the macro shots, and are those the doggy doo cookies? SF

  2. Thanks, SF. I had to look up what bokeh is. Now I know and will be on the lookout for good bokeh. (It's the lovely background blurring, for those of you who do not want to look it up.)

    This time, most of it is due to a borrowed camera and lens. Harder to produce with point-and-shoots. Maybe I'll have my own such camera someday.


  3. The cookies do look a little scary. The apples and bread ...yummie looking. Thanks for the definition. I never thought about what that effect would be called. vs