Thursday, November 11, 2010

Roasted Garlic & Onion Jam

Words and photos by Trina and Greg

Leaves were frozen into place on their branches during the night. Stationary objects failed to warm themselves with furred coats of brittle frost. When dawn arrived the sun poured a thin warmth into a pale sky. Rays of morning heat warmed the leaves and melted icy links, releasing showers of spent leaves that pattered downward and lay quietly.

This turn toward winter temperatures was one of two synchronistic occurences that drove us to hide indoors for the morning, snivelling and whimpering.

The other: the precarious approach toward the bottom of the jar of Stonewall Kitchens roasted garlic and onion jam.

The obvious solution, we decided, was to spend all morning safely, warmly indoors making a big batch of our own roasted garlic and onion jam, which we think is actually a little better than the storebought.

(With onion-eye protective goggles.)

It may sound strange to the non-epicurious, but this jam is an amazing harmony of savory and sweet. My favorite use for it is atop a dollop of goat cheese on good toasty bread.

We did manage to drag ourselves outside for a ride later in the day, but only once the jam jars had all plinked their metallic plink, letting us know they had sealed, and only once the temperature outside was safely above three degrees.

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