Thursday, November 18, 2010


Lines and Photos by Greg

1. Lines
Each day the sun traces lower across the sky, now just over a month away from the lowest trace of the year. But there was warmth in the sunshine and blue in the sky when I left town with three friends and a dog. Just a few minutes from the outskirts of town we parked and then rode into the afternoon.

2. Lines
Bare rock like a blank page where imagination and skill brush wheels upward, across and down. My own lines are drawn conservatively. While others draw bold strokes that defy the situation's gravity and match traces through the sky.

3. Lines
Here snow has fallen and melted again. Except in shadows where our tires press paths into lingering white. Where ice succeeds and traction fails and sliding draws lines from clawing hands and scrabbling feet.

4. Lines
Shadows stretch across the stone as the sun drops toward mesa tops. Colors pull away in taffy light, then dim our motion into streaks that burn away the last of the day's heat. Leaving us in cold air.

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