Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Finally, Some Gore

I've received some complaints about the lack of excitement in the owl videos. The thing about nest cam videos is that this is nature, the way it's unfolding in the real world, and sometimes it's calm. There are periods of time where not much happens, or the juicy action is hidden from view, and there aren't many car chases or bike jumps, but for those of you lamenting that fact, I can, finally, offer at least a bit of gore. In this video, DH feeds a bloody bird head to an owlet -- look for the beak at :46 -- and (bonus!) does it in daylight, which means it's in color:

At this point, DH is spending most of the night out of the nest, only entering and staying when she has something big, like a bird, that she needs to tear up for the babies. The majority of the feedings, though, are quick drop offs of small things like moths and cockroaches, during which the parents don't even enter the nest. They just land in the hole, stick their head in, give someone a dead thing, and take off:

Here, Boyle delivers a dead bird to DH, who is in the nest, and she mantles (sorry) and starts tearing the bird up to feed it to the babies:

This is another long one with not a lot of action. One of the parents has dropped off a dead bird and the owlets don't entirely know what to do with it:

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