Thursday, January 1, 2015

Autumn Singletrack

photos by Greg

Autumn is a generous time in our little corner of the world. It begins, perhaps, with the first frosts that nip the high country. With the leaves turning from green to gold on the shoulders of the mountains, the color spilling downward into the valleys, then pouring away to leave bare branches. Summer heat fades away and sleeves go from short to long. Snow splashes off the mountains like inverse waves, a wash of white that splashes downward and retreats with sunshine, only to splash further with the next storm, the tide, as it were, coming in.

Autumn also seems to bring with it a certain clarity of light. As if the gold of the falling leaves rises into the air, warming the view of our canyons and mesas. It's a rewarding time to be outside. And we hope we made good use of our time.

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