Sunday, December 21, 2014

FEB: Water Stops 3

Words and photos by Greg

Another wet stop on our path through southern Arizona. This time, a trickling creek, messy with sycamore trunks and leaves. Again, butted up against mountains. Again, small creatures and evidence of others. Scat from coati. Perhaps from bear? Stealthy scorpions made vibrant green in the darkness by the light of our UV flashlight. A raccoon washing food in the night-time creek, tantalizing our leash-bound dogs.

This time the mountains offered a well-structured but little used trail, and we were able to ride upward. Away from the curtain of creek-side forest. Into wider views. Through incised and etched granite. Toward the higher peaks, reachable, but not reached. Warm sunshine on our faces. Sharp grass seeds in the socks of humans and fur of dogs.

High enough, we turned and returned to the creek. To another quiet evening and night made quieter by the music of water.

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  1. Merry Merry You 4!!! Absolutely The Most Amazingly Photographed Journey!! That scorpion was unreal, love the ripple effect, impressive quads on the bike, & is that bear scat resting near an open toe???? That was my cheesiest X-Mas reference….. HHHEEEEeeeeee…. What a wonderful 2014 & all the best 4 the 2015 adventures!!! Cheers