Monday, November 11, 2013

Summer Garden

by Trina and Greg

As we're uprooting the last of the carrots, beets and potatoes, snapping off the few remaining frost-kissed leaves from the kale, and tucking the garden in with blankets of compost and mulch, we look back to what was a bountiful and beautiful season in the garden.

Four cups of berries is just enough...

to make the yearly Tarte Alsacienne:

Apricot espalier in spring bloom

We didn't even bother trying to grow squash of any variety this year, but there were melons, both intentionally planted and compost volunteers, happily clinging and climbing wherever they could gain purchase.


  1. The yearly "Tarte Alsacienne"! I just made the Pear and Pecan - that has been one of my most "re-made" items from bloggers. Thanks for putting that up!