Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Large Bites of Enchilada

by Greg

Not far away near Moab, Utah, there is a Whole Enchilada that attracts mountain bike riders from all over the world. This tasty dish consists of a 26 miles of trails that start high in the mountains and drop downward into the sandstone desert.

My cohorts had planned to leave out the lowest section of trail. Something to do with the expected 95+ degree F heat. Which still left us with, if not the Whole Enchilada, at least a hearty portion of it.

It was cool, cloudy, and breezy in the mountains. Even a few spatters of rain. But "luckily" it cleared off and heated up as we descended into the desert. Tundra to forest to scrubland to desert slickrock. Nice way to spend the day. Good fun trying to catch it in the camera.

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