Saturday, February 16, 2013

Frozen Treats

By Greg

All January our valley was locked into a deep freeze. Snow on the ground and consistently low temperatures. Dogs had to subsist on abbreviated walks to avoid frozen feet. February has warmed, as in, freezing at night and thawing during the day. Snowfall and melting. Muddy meltwater freezing and thawing in the canyon bottoms.

Much better weather for outdoor dogs and for exploring the local mysteries. For finding frozen treats in ice, frost and stone. Here are some bits and pieces from recent wanderings.

Mineral formations frozen in stone.

Frost formations frozen on cement.

The motion of sand frozen in time.

Creek running over frozen bed.

Dogs running over frozen and thawing landscape.

Shared patterns frozen in ice and stone.

Ancient wood frozen in time.

Ice and thaw. Two amazing dynamics that must be examined more closely.

Frozen trails at night.

A cloudy morning kept trails free of mud for longer.

A frozen moment.

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