Sunday, January 6, 2013

Warm Face

by Greg

Our valley, like much of the region, has been stuck in a cold snap. It would be easy to blame this on something like, oh, winter. But that kind of thinking doesn't warm us up on sub-zero mornings or on days that may or may not reach the 20sF.

One fine day we decided to try to break out of the cold. First step, get up out of the valley where cold winter air settles. Then, find a south-facing cliff and slope which would be warmed by the sun.

Bingo. Previous sunny days had already cleared the slope of most snow. And the the air heating and rising upward made it warmer toward the top. We could take off our gloves and de-layer to light sweaters. Dogs could romp without frosty feet. The warm face of the cliff even tempted us into a nap in the sunshine.

Over the top of the ridge it turned back into winter in the shadows and breeze. But on the warm face, we were able to enjoy a little "summer" vacation until the day began to fade and we headed home, down into the cold valley to our warm home.

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