Friday, June 8, 2012

Garden Food

Photos and text by Trina

In the last month or so, the garden has seen many seasons: leafy greens and sweet pea season, thinning of apples and grapes season, brambles blooming and turning into berries season, tomatoes' first flowers season, infestation of pests season, which kicked off with an outrageous bloom of aphids on the cherry tree. And with the arrival (and squishing) of the first squash bug of the year, we're now officially in the season we know best as the War of the Squashes. Summer. Game on, bugs.

Bok choy and broccoli raab

Young apples still shedding blossom petals

Apple leaf

Triple Crown blackberry

Lady bug eggs among aphid infestation

As of yet unidentified worm thingies (which look more like nudibranchs I'd expect to see in a tidepool than crawling around on a cherry tree) with aphids and a ladybug larva which, incidentally, was doing push ups

Relocating ladybug eggs, pupae, larvae and adults after removing aphid infested cherry tree branch tips where they were previously residing

Ah, the season's first squa(i)sh bug

Thinning Honeycrisp apples

Eensie weensie baby praying mantis

Tulameen raspberry

With the early summer harvest that we managed to pull from the jaws of the many voracious garden pests, I threw together a pasta with bacon, garden peas, garden kale, parmesan, bacon, cream, lemon and bacon.

A recipe to use as a guideline is here.