Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat

Words by Greg
Photos by Greg and Trina

Trina has a new raft. There wasn't anything "wrong" with her old raft. But her new raft is a better size for her. And it's much more colorful and brighter and should look gosh awful nice in photos as we splash around in the water this summer. Looked good last eve on its maiden bike/dog town float.

In between her old raft and her new raft, we did some bike/dog town floating. She used my "new" sleek, black stealth raft. And I used my olde antique Dialian Sherpa with its multitude of patches, scrapes, repairs and near-complete lack of glamour. It also lacks a bit of sea/river-worthiness. Enough that, though I don't mind floating down the river through town with it, I never trusted it for "out there" use, far from bike paths and hitch-hikeable roads.

One thing I do like about the Sherpa is its cheerfully faded yellow. I'm not as into Black as I used to be back in my ninja days. Still, when the sleek black raft came available this winter, it further inflamed visions of floating through wild lands, far from civilization. Journeys that might go better without having to worry about an aged raft disintegrating beneath me.

So a new, black raft entered my gear pile. An amazing technicolor dreamboat has entered Trina's. With them we hope to keep floating into some wild and interesting places.

And the old yellow Sherpa? What will become of it? I suspect it has not seen its last journey.

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