Sunday, September 25, 2011

Corner Season

Text by Greg
Photos by Greg and Trina

Crisp air. Frosty mornings. Bright blue skies. Crystal waters. Turning leaves. Snowy peaks. Warm sunshine. Empty spaces.

There were lots of good reasons to explore a slice of the high country as the tide of summer slid away and the first rustlings of autumn slid into the valleys. No longer summer. Not quite autumn. We rode through ripe meadows. We paddled our little rafts along bony rivers. Dodged rain that fell as snow on the high peaks. Wandered dark forests absorbing warm smells. Explored mountain towns. Spent our evenings by firelight and our nights snug in our tent, listening to the wild bugling of elk.

Green leaves we had passed as we drove into the mountains were turning gold as we drove homeward. The season had turned the corner.

Stick around and there will be more photos and stories from Mongolia. For now, though, we'll continue to digress into more sights and experiences from the present. Enjoy!

If you know what this donkey-ear shaped mushroom is, please tell us!

Our first float took us down the late-season riffles of the upper Rio Grande. Not much water, but enough to float a packraft – with only the occasional bump.

Trails were dry and days were sunny and just warm enough.


  1. Great photos! We've spent the past week in Colorado (Boulder, Ft Collins, Steamboat, Fruita), inspired (in part) by your amazing photos. Back to VA on Tues. WAH.

  2. Meh.


    Yup--just meh.


  3. WOW! JUST WOW! Amazing photos. Makes me want to leave my world of work, sleep, work... city life, too much traffic, too many people!!! too many houses, too much bad economic news, pessimissiam, ugh! Re-focus!! Block it all out...deep breath.. exhale... Beautiful photos! I can just hear the rush of the river, the quiet of the mountains as you ride. Breathtaking! Thank you for sharing!