Tuesday, April 5, 2011

AZ: Sonorascape

Words and Photos by Greg and Trina

I suppose it's a good sign. Good that we're still catching up on our posts from our trip to Arizona in February. It must mean that we are having plenty of fun in the here and now. But please, allow us to take you back to the day after our La Milagrosa (mis)adventure.

We did another short ride on a section of the AZT near Colossal Cave. Short, yes, and fairly easy. But we were tired enough from the day before that it worked us over pretty good. Still, it was fun to zoom along through the cactus when the trail turned downward.

After the ride, it was time for us to begin our slow way homeward and northward with more fun expected along the way. We spent a couple days of traveling and had a couple campouts where we were happy to relax in the desert and let the flora, fauna colors, shapes and scenery of the Sonora fill our senses.

We had to implement a leash law when we camped in Aravaipa. The beautiful cactus forest was so densely carpeted with cholla and other injurious prickles that the dogs couldn't take two steps without needing cactus spines removed from their pads. We figured they'd benefit from the rest anyway, and based on the amount of dozing that was going on, that seemed to have been the right call.

Red-eyed Phainopepla eating mistletoe berries

A challenging approach to a glorious hillside camp with views so spectacular as to justify the extra effort of getting there... if the thrill of getting partially airborn isn't enough justification in itself.

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  1. All the pictures are great (as usual), but the close-up sleepy dog face is just fantastic.