Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Der Dog

Another idyllic day! We were both off "work" but we had other work to do. Morning we went to the garden store and greenhouse to get soil amendments and to get excited about all the things we can grow. Then I grabbed a shovel and got back to laboring in the new, stiff, rooty garden bed. I think I finally managed to turn it into something that may be able to grow veggies.

Meanwhile Trina was bustling around doing other garden tasks, like getting the drip system back in action. By late afternoon we were measuring pounds and cups of amendments and stirring them into the dirt. And then, finally, planting tidy rows of seeds and watering them. Yea! Future food!
From 2010 Spring

During all this, Zeek was in the yard busily hunting. Yes, he's born to hunt, and we've finally figured out a way to keep him happy and busy. We'll have more to say about that soon. Sprocket was fairly bored with the gardening part of the day. He thrives on playing with other dogs or playing with us, and all he got to do was watch us work.
From 2010 Spring

Early evening, we drove off to a secluded little creek where we sat and ate dinner and snacks while dogs explored. Then as the sun was setting, Trina dumped Sprocket and me off at a trailhead and we rode/ran the rest of the way home.
From 2010 Spring

7 miles of bluff trails overlooking the lesser river as it headed downstream toward the "junction". We moved through the fading light of the day as the last gold burned itself out on the caprock of the ridges. A pale slab of orange lingered on the horizon, then slid beneath it, allowing shades of blue to take over.
From 2010 Spring

Before the blue had faded to black, I saw the first evening primrose I've seen this season, its tissue paper blossoms opened for business in the cool of the night. Soon the sky had darkened and my bike lights were on, showing us the way forward.
From 2010 Spring

Sprocket was right by my side for the whole ride as coyotes howled and foxes yipped and gravel crunched under foot and tire. He's a 16 pound bundle of energy, and when his energy is pointed forward, he's a very fast and strong runner. And best, he really seems to enjoy being out there going places. I kept him watered, and we only took a few quick rests. It was most of a couple hours at a fairly fast pace, but when we'd left the trail and we were riding back through town with him on a leash, he was still "pulling" me along.

It's great to have such a fun little Wonder Dog in the pack.


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