Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow + Bokeh = Snokeh

Text: Trina
Photos: Greg and Trina

One little piggie went skiing. One little piggie forgot his boots and cried weeee-weeeee-weeeee as he drove all the way back home and went snow biking instead. The snow up high where the skiing was happening was magically beautiful -- light, fluffy piles of huge, sparkly flakes in feather- and leaf-shaped configurations.

Greg, meanwhile, had to content himself with shots from the garden.


  1. Gee, I was out in the snow and didn't see this. Let alone capturing it on film. Nice.

  2. The blue color reminds me of underwater pics. Beautiful! Love the sparkles between the ski's.

  3. Anyone notice how that fence finial looks like the Snokeh crystals from the picture above? Lovely.

  4. I'm always delighted by crystals. I love these photos! Sent me to the bookshelf to fetch "Field Guide to Snow Crystals" and "The Snowflake." From these books I gather that these crystals are surface hoarfrost which forms by water evaporating from beneath the snow surface. The water-vapor percolates up and condenses at the surface into these lovely crystals. This is as opposed to snow crystals which form in the sky.

    OK, more than you wanted to know. BTW, your pics are much better than any in the books I have.

  5. PS. I had to look up "bokeh." Aesthetic quality of the blur? Don't know what it means but I like it. A koan of sorts.

  6. Keen, keen eye, Kentoine (cupoftea)... and Molly, that's actually NOT more than we wanted to know - we love that kind of info and research! Thank you!