Friday, October 15, 2010

Harvest... 'n Stuff

Semi-random photo spew: Trina and Greg

Collective farmwoman melons


Five-color chard

Blackberry Alsacienne tarte

Gravid mantis on sedum

Gravid mantis on photographer


Young Fuji's first tiny crop

Apple pie with crumble topping





Wasp nest

Chocolate souffles

Apricot Alsacienne tarte

Filling little pumpkins with baby poop

Pumpkin souffles


  1. I shouldn't look at all this before lunch. It looks delicious!

  2. OH MAN! What fun! A feast for the eyes that raises my spirits. Are you making that pottery? And be prepared, I'm asking for recipes! I'll bring my notebook Sunday! Don't worry , I can do the writing. But that's what you get for taking such beautiful photos of such luscious harvest food!

  3. Yes, that's my pottery... Heavy on the leaves and rough, raw clay! You'll be eating off similar ware tomorrow night!

  4. Cheryl is right. A true feast for the eyes and palate. She's lucky she will be able to taste some of those treats. Are the blackberries from your garden? It's amazing how many plants you can grow in your small space. We should take lessons from you and Greg.

  5. Yes! I put in two varieties of blackberries, both thornless (!!) to have as long a blackberry season as possible - one that produces from the end of July thru the end of August, and another that does its thing from August all the way thru the end of October (at least in theory; in reality, it quit in September this year).

    And the trick to having so much in such a small space is growing vertically. Every wall of the house and every bit of fence has something trained up it: blackberry and raspberry canes, fruit trees, beans, tomatoes, squash - all on vertical trellises. It's a great way to maximize space and it looks cool, too!