Monday, October 4, 2010


Words by Greg
Photos by Trina and Greg

If I look back at the summer and all the fun we had and all the blog posts we did about all the fun we had, I have to say, it's been a pretty dang amazing summer! So it's not really a surprise to me that there's a celebration going on with brightly colored decorations and confetti flying through the air. Confetti!

We've been out and up to join this celebration of the end of summer. Up, meaning that the party has started in the high country and shows every sign that it'll be making its way downward toward town.

We joined the party during the middle of last week when we hitched part way up the shoulder of the huge local mountain and took a hike. The theme colors that day were oak-orange, aspen green-and-yellow, and chokecherry red. Along with various other highlights and accents. Both dogs were satisfied (barely) with the delicate essence of chipmunk, deer, and maybe even bear.

We rejoined the party on Sunday afternoon on another mountain where the featured colors were aspen gold and pine green, with infusions of amber grass and stormy sky.

We celebrated more than just the end of summer. We'd brought our bikes and ventured out on the trail. I had my modified upright handlebar town bike (which is really a modified mountain bike anyway) and rode the first few short miles of actual pretty-much-really-like-mountain-biking-singletrack that I've ridden since the fateful wrist break of Aug 12. Sweet!

Trina and the dogs zoomed through the colors. I zoomed slowly through the colors. Wind threw the golden confetti through the air around us. Sunshine stabbed through darkening clouds. Drops of mist cooled us and dampened the dust as we wound smiling through the black-and-white trunks of the trees under the amber canopy.

The dogs couldn't seem to smile enough to express their enthusiasm, so had to dash and crash frantically through the grass and brush to make sure we knew how much fun they were having.

Our ride and the day came to a close and we loaded into the truck and headed down the mountain, driving, I'm afraid to admit, heavily under the influence -- of the beautiful day.

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  1. Nice. Looks like we didn't hold up the day too much. Bears scratching the trees? Fred