Wednesday, March 27, 2013

AZ - Verde River: More Photos from the Trip

Early in the trip, the dogs waiting for one of us to run a rapid. Sprocket not quite sure he wants to wait.

Later in the trip, Sprocket making himself comfortable while he waits for one of us to run a rapid.

How are we supposed to float this?

Seriously? A shallow rocky bar with a only a small channel that goes through the trees? Ah, the Verde...

The last day, the last hour, one final challenge. The river slithered off in various directions through the brush and reeds. No clear channel. Ended up in a creek-like branch that ended in a mat of reeds and branches. We jumped out and dragged our rafts over a reed-covered hump on one side. The dogs ran ahead but, late in the day and in shadow, they decided the water was too cold. So they just let us "rescue" them.

Finally in sight, the Sheep Bridge take-out.


  1. Fantastic! Does Sprocket have his own sleeping bag?

  2. Very impressive dogs, and I'm glad Zeke wasn't hurt by a mountain lion. My cocker spaniel brother, as a puppy, once unwisely charged a coyote. Thankfully, the coyote was wiser than the puppy.

  3. Hi Allison! Both of the boys have doggie sleeping bags, which are just thrift store down coats. Pull the arms inside, and sew the bottom (waist) closed... or not. If the bottom is sewn closed, you have to zip the dog in. If you leave it open, it's probably not quite as warm but it's a little easier for the dog to maneuver himself into his bag. The boys LOVE them and eagerly seek them out when they're cold and tired! Strangely, though, despite being provided with their very own down sleeping bags, they always end up migrating to OUR bags sometime during the night...??