Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Temperature Differential

Warning: Do not attempt to adjust your screen. The blue in this photo may have been enhanced to make it appear colder and more miserable outside.

by Greg

I seem to have become obsessed with the temperature outside. I check the internet for weather sites and weather maps and temperature history graphs and temperature predictions. Ooo! Look how cold it is, I think. Or, Look how cold it could get!

Or I check the temperatures in southern Arizona, trying to remember what it's like to ride in a t-shirt and shorts. Consoling myself with thoughts that Spring is just around the corner - like in two months - ugh!

However, recent scientific studies (that I've done myself) suggest that there is a complex formula at work amid all this obsession. Something like this:

([T] - T)/TP x WF+YT = R ~ T + MB = OK

To explain:

[T] is temperature inside (duh) minus T for temperature outside divided by (TP) Temperature in Phoenix times (WF) Warm Food plus (YT) YouTube = Resistance (with a capital R).

However: T (outside) plus Mountain Biking (MB) is (Ta Da!) Okay (OK).

To explain again (because that may not have cleared it up):

From inside it may seem really cold outside, but if I can manage to get up and go outside to mountain bike (while properly dressed) it's almost always fine.

Please check my math. And good luck with your own studies.

Oh, and thanks to Mike for assisting with experiments and for helping to overcome R.

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  1. Congratulations for overcoming 'R'.

    And nice usual.